And introducing Rudolph Valentino as Count Dracula. Animated GIF

married-virgin-draculaValentino’s pre-fame roles are an intriguing mixed bag and The Married Virgin is surely one of his strangest.

One of the most amusing moments in the wonderful hokum-filled movie comes when Valentino is fended off Nosferatu-style by a maid wielding a crucifix. No, his character is not a vampire. He’s your standard issue fortune hunter, which makes his behavior all the more strange.

You can read my full-length review of this mad film here.

Availability: The Married Virgin was released on DVD by Image but the disc is now out of print. It is still available for rental or purchase via streaming.

6 Replies to “And introducing Rudolph Valentino as Count Dracula. Animated GIF”

  1. Valentino playing a vampire certainly would have been interesting. I wonder what he could do playing a villainous character… you know, one that isn’t goofy… or poorly written… or an ethnic stereotype…

  2. Rudy would have made one sexy vampire. Too bad he didn’t live to fill this role. Valentino’s prescense was so magnetic. It didn’t matter what was going on around him, your eyes were automatically focused on him, still to this day!

  3. The mystique that is Valentino. For us staunch Rudy fans there is no mystery. A man who, almost 90 years after his death, can still command the love and respect of countless fans throughout the world is certainly deserving of his fame. I’ve no doubt that he will be remembered for 90 more!

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