Madam, kindly stop stealing my lunch. Animated GIF

wishing-ring-1914-grape-thiefSo, do you think I spend all my time gushing about Ivan Mosjoukine, Michael Strogoff and Pola Negri? Nope! I make it a priority to gush about The Wishing Ring as well. The Wishing Ring is the best movie of the ‘teens that you’ve never heard of. It’s cute but not cutesy. It’s sweet but it won’t cause diabetes.

The heroine of the tale has a bit of trouble with property rights. She sees nothing wrong with vaulting over the wall of a private garden and making off with her arms full of roses. When the hero invites her to lunch, she eats him out of house and home and finishes it off by absconding with his grapes. None of this is overdone and the acting is both subtle and charming.

If you think before a (cough, cough) certain person made his ode to the KKK all American films were primitive and stiff, prepare yourself for a pleasant surprise. The Wishing Ring is so lively, so lovely, so charming that I just can’t stop praising it. I see no reason to stop. Just try and make me.

You can read my full-length review here.

Availability: The Wishing Ring was issued on DVD by Image as an accompaniment on the disc Before Hollywood, There Was Fort Lee, N.J.. The disc is now out of print and used copies are going for the usual arm and leg + firstborn child.  Reelclassicdvd has also released a version and it is available for a reasonably price. I have not viewed it but I know that Reelclassicdvd puts out a good product with professional, custom scores and I have been pleased with their other releases.

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