In which I share a super secret sneak preview. Shh, don’t tell anyone. Because it’s secret. Animated GIF

As some of you may know already, I got a sneak peek of The House of Mystery, an Albatros-produced serial. It has not been available to the general public for decades but is finally getting a home media release. It also stars my beloved Ivan Mosjoukine, whom I am not at all obsessed with.

I have been bursting with excitement about this one and I have an absolute ton of GIFs to share so I thought I would give you a tiny taste of what you can expect from this crowdpleaser with a brain.

The story in a nutshell: Mosjoukine’s close friend frames him for murder and he is sent to a penal colony. Meanwhile, his wife and daughter try to clear his name. There is blackmail, a jailbreak, some very enthusiastic fight scenes and a young Charles Vanel as the mwahaha villain.

It has romance and humor! (Including a cute running joke about a too-short necktie.)


It has tragedy!


It has more Ivan Mosjoukine than you can shake a stick at!


Adoration of Ivan Mosjoukine? Yes, please!


My full review will be published for the blogathon. See you there!

Availability: The serial has an April release date. You can get details, pre-order (if you like), and generally be well-informed here. Oh, and there is also a way to win a copy. Keep on reading…

Disclosure: Flicker Alley is sponsoring my Russia in Classic Film Blogathon but, come on, did I ever need an excuse to wax eloquent about Russians in general and Ivan Mosjoukine in particular? They are also sponsoring a giveaway of one copy of The House of Mystery. You can read the rules and find out how to enter on my sponsorship page. Scroll down to the Aelita picture and all the info will be there.

(And a big thanks to David Shepard for kindly arranging an early look at the serial.)

4 Replies to “In which I share a super secret sneak preview. Shh, don’t tell anyone. Because it’s secret. Animated GIF”

  1. Well apparently I’m not a sneak because I LOVE IT!! That first gif especially, the look on his face when he pulls back and looks at her… oh my God. I cannot wait for your review!! <3

  2. Serials that are actually watchable, another point for the Silent Era. I’ll pre-order this. The story sounds good.

    1. Hurrah! Yes, this is really more like a very good TV miniseries. It’s character-driven and it has style to spare. An ideal combo of the French and Russian styles.

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