Silent Movie Rule #14: It’s probably better to marry a live woman


The Doll‘s premise is nuts. A man-child needs to marry in order to gain his inheritance. Since romancing a real live woman is just too much bother, he goes to a famous dollmaker and purchases a lifelike automaton to pose as his bride. The only problem? The doll was broken and the inventor’s daughter has taken her place. Our hapless hero soon figures this out when he tries to use her as a coat-rack. Shoulda married a real girl…

German comedienne Ossi Oswalda is an utter charmer as the saucy doll. If you have never seen Miss Oswalda in action, I strongly encourage you to seek out her work.

(Read my full-length review here.)

Availability: Kino has released a beautiful print on DVD and via streaming. Enjoy!

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      1. According to The Concise Cinegraph: An Encyclopedia of German Cinema, she had trouble transitioning to sound. Her voice was not the culprit as she had starred in stage operettas. Perhaps she ran afoul of the incoming Nazis? Or perhaps her vocal acting style did not meet audience expectations.

      2. Thanks for taking the time to look that up. I found in the Trivia section of IMDb that she died ‘in abject poverty’ in Prague…but still no mention of a medical reason. A forever mystery, I guess.

      3. There are probably records available in German or Czech but poor Ossi just isn’t famous enough to warrant much English language coverage. I am doing my very best to remedy that situation, she deserves discovery!

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