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The “coat hug” scene from The Artist is yet another nod to a silent era film. Most people think that the idea of a woman imagining herself being hugged by the owner of a coat originated with Janet Gaynor in Frank Borzage’s 7th Heaven. Nope. This is Mary Pickford in Stella Maris, made a decade before. Whether Pickford invented this bit of action is open for debate (lots of early films are lost and this may have been a stage trope) but, much though I love Janet, let’s not give her credit for Pickford’s work. Plus, Stella Maris is one of Pickford’s best films.

(You can read my review of Stella Maris here.)

Availability: The film was released on DVD by Milestone, the disc is excellent and features a very good score. There is also a DVD produced by CD Baby. I have not viewed this latter version.