Calling all heretics! The “Contrary to Popular Opinion” Blogathon!

Go see The Searchers? No thanks! I have tickets to a REAL John Wayne masterpiece, The Conqueror.
Go see The Searchers? No thanks! I have tickets to a REAL John Wayne masterpiece, The Conqueror.

Update: Due to some health issues, I have had to step down as co-host of this event. However, Janet is still on duty and she will be more than happy to accept your submissions. Happy blogging!

Hang on kids, I’m back in the saddle again! I was invited by Janet of Sister Celluloid to join her in hosting an event for those of us who like to swim against the current.

Here’s the skinny from Janet:

If you love a movie, actor, actress or director that most fans and critics dismiss, or if you’ve had it up to here listening to praise
for someone or something you simply can’t stand, then come sit here by us! This event is about expressing opinions that are liable to get
your Classic Movie Fan card revoked. We just figure if we do it together, they can’t kick all of us out.

This isn’t about plugging obscure movies or people, though heaven knows we’ve all got a few of those up our sleeves. (Fritzi adds: It’s also not about mythbusting or debating a controversial love life.) And it’s not about quibbling over who or what deserved an Oscar, or complaining that a good film is nevertheless overexposed. Yes, we know, none of us ever needs to see another Casablanca coffee mug—but if you genuinely loathe the movie itself, then go to town!

Watch Gone With the Wind?  I'd rather eat a bug.
Watch Gone With the Wind? I’d rather eat a bug.

And this has nothing to do with loving movies that are so bad, they’re good. It’s about believing with all your heart that something that’s
considered bad actually is good—or, on the other hand, toppling a beloved film or figure from its pedestal. (For instance, Fritzi is leaping to the much-maligned Cecil B. DeMille’s defense with a review of The Godless Girl, and Janet is seeing many shades of Jungle Red over
The Women.)

So go ahead! Say Guy Madison never got the acting props he deserved. Or that Louise Brooks sets your teeth on edge. Praise Cimarron to the
skies. Heckle Bambi. Give Kitten with a Whip the critical raves it’s been denied.

Many of you may already know exactly what you want to write about. But if you need a few ideas, here are the movies the AFI considers to be
the Top 100 of all time.

Now, c’mon, people, join us out on that limb—there’s room for everybody! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Come along, darling! I got us tickets to see Jail Bait.
Come along, darling! I got us tickets to see Jail Bait.

A few ground rules

We’re focusing on movies made before 1970 and performers and directors who did most or all of their work before then.

No reruns. Please don’t send us a link to a post you’ve already published.

When: January 17 and 18, 2015

What you need to do: Just tell us your movie, performer or director of choice.

Once your choice is accepted, grab a banner, create a link out of it, and display it proudly.

When you publish your post, include one of the banners at the top or the bottom, with a link to the blogathon (link to whichever of our two
websites publishes your post), and include this brief description: “This post is part of the Contrary to Popular Opinion Blogathon, where
we set the consensus on its head by defending a maligned film, performer or director or toppling a beloved one!”

We will not be assigning days, so post your review on either day. In the next few weeks, we will be dividing up the posts between us, so check to see which of us has yours. Then, after you’ve posted, copy the URL into the comments section of the appropriate website—either
Sister Celluloid or Movies Silently—and we will link over to your site. Easy!



Movies Silently defends Cecil B. DeMille with a review of The Godless Girl (1929)

Nitrate Glow defends Gulliver’s Travels (1939)


Sister Celluloid attacks The Women (1939)

Nitrate Glow attacks The Pirate (1948) and Our Dancing Daughter (1928)

Critica Retro discusses why Marilyn Monroe movies are better if you don’t focus on Marilyn.

My Classic Movies attacks 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Moon in Gemini is going to take down Jezebel (1938)


25 Replies to “Calling all heretics! The “Contrary to Popular Opinion” Blogathon!”

  1. This is certainly a good idea. I remember Wendell did something similar last summer ( Man, I’m going to have to think about this one, though. I’ll have to find something I haven’t already torn apart. That means I probably won’t be able to write anything on Jean-Luc Godard since I’ve already explained several times why I can’t stand his work.

    I’m trying to think of some movies I might have seen in my film classes that I didn’t like (I’m currently doing an early cinema course that has covered over the course of this semester everything from the earliest film experiments to the success of silent features in the 1920’s). There was that one Soviet Montage film I couldn’t stand, but I’d have to figure out why. There was that one Douglas Fairbanks film “The Black Pirate” that I also felt had some problems. There’s actually probably a few but I’m not quite sure what yet.

  2. The Pirate from 1948! I have never understood the latter day popularity of this film and am even more baffled by those who proclaim it as ahead of its time.

  3. I may get death threats because of it, but I’d like to attack Marilyn Monroe. Or, saying better, I’ll tell why you should watch Marilyn’s movies without focusing on Marilyn.
    I thought you were taking such a long time to host another blogathon 😉

  4. Fritzi, please put me down for Jezebel. Even though I love pretty much everyone who was involved in making that movie, I LOATHE it. I am going to really enjoy taking that sucker down.

  5. Patricia, do you think you could maybe expand on the Paul Lukas piece, make it more of a broader appreciation of an underappreciated actor? I’m just trying to avoid Oscar quibbling in this blogathon as I think it will narrow the focus too much. Let me know! I would love your take on Paul!!

  6. Okay, I’ll have some free time after Wednesday and my only big commitment is Free Action Movie Week afterwards (which is pretty straight forward, I watch one action film a day based on what people recommend and then write what I thought). Since it doesn’t start until a few weeks into January that certainly means I’ll have time, though I’ll have to work from memory. I probably could also find some time even sooner than that in between exam study sessions.

    There was this one movie I got forced to watch for an already pretty dull class that rubbed me the wrong way in all the wrong places, Desk Set, with Katherine Hepburn. I’d be willing to vent a bit on that film. Perhaps I’ll start there and if I have some extra time and find something else I can work with I’ll let you know.

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