Someone somewhere has got to do this at a party. Animated GIF


Ugh. Parties. Not a fan. This is because, a) I would rather be watching silent movies or reading a book and b) there is always someone who designates themselves the Fun Police and then proceeds to shame guests into playing Apples to Apples. (I run in fast circles, as you can clearly see.)

Just once, I would love to see someone do this. Dress up as Red Death and rebuke their merriment. The rebuking of merriment is highly underrated these days, I would like to see it come back in style.

(This is from The Phantom of the Opera. My review is here.)

Availability: High quality releases include the Image DVD and Blu-ray release and the two-disc Milestone edition (which also includes the 1925 version). The rule of thumb with this film: You get what you pay for.

4 Replies to “Someone somewhere has got to do this at a party. Animated GIF”

  1. I hate parties because as a college gal, all everyone wants to do is get their drink on and worse. I’d love to do this at one of their little shindigs!

  2. I love that last split-second end-of-clip look the Red Death gives the crowd, as if he’s saying, “What? Was that wrong?” And I’m not a big fan of parties, either…would rather stay home and watch a film noir movie with a big bowl of popcorn. And beneath my feet, the tombs of tortured men.

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