Silent Movie Trivia Card #7: The White Rose (1923)

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This time, we have some trivia from one of D.W. Griffith’s more obscure films. The White Rose was a return to themes that he held dear: spiritual crises, single motherhood, poverty, Southern gentility and abused waifs. The White Rose is also of interest as it marks the return of Mae Marsh to the Griffith banner. The whole thing is very much a throwback to the storytelling of five or ten years before.

(You can read my review here.)

Marsh’s leading man is Ivor Novello, a Welsh leading man who was wildly popular both as an actor and a composer. He, of course, achieved screen immortality (at least on this side of the Atlantic) for his title role in Hitchcock’s first Hitchcock film, The Lodger.

Availability: The White Rose was released as a budget disc by Alpha. While not pristine, it is miles ahead of the previously released version by Classic Video Streams, which is badly faded and expensive to boot! The Alpha release can be had for just a couple of bucks.