Harold Lloyd takes malicious glee in the misfortunes of others. Animated GIF


Harold Lloyd has his mischief face on. I can relate. This is exactly me when the rude lady at Starbucks trips and spills her venti soy no-sugar no-whip extra powder green tea blended whatsit over herself. This is me when the road rage-filled driver who is terrorizing the freeway gets pulled over by a stealth car. It’s also me when the guy shouts “Do you know who I am?” and, honestly, no one does.

Yup, Harold nails it. (This is from Haunted Spooks. You can read my review here.)

Availability: You can see it lots of places but I highly recommend The Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection. You get the most Lloyd bang for your buck (most of his 20s features and a good number of his short films) in some very high-quality editions with delightful music.