ANNOUNCEMENT: The Fairy Tale Blogathon


UPDATE: Please visit my event page for direct links to all the participants!

I’m back in the blogathon saddle one more time for 2014!

I have always loved fairy tales. There is something so primal and exciting about these traditional stories. Well, on November 9-11, I am going to be celebrating fairy tales in the movies. Here is the lowdown:

Pick a film or TV show based on a famous fairy tale. It can either be a straightforward adaptation or a looser version. For example, if you wanted to cover Beauty and the Beast, you could go with the Disney cartoon, the famous 1946 French version or even the 1980s modernized television series. There is not date limit for the films and shows.

In order to encourage variety, I am asking for no exact duplicates, please, but you may choose another version of the same tale. So, if someone chooses the Disney version of Cinderella, feel free to go with the 1914 Pickford version or any other version made.


A few limits

True Fairy Tales Only: The definition can be broad but for the purpose of this blogathon, I am going to say stories from the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson, Charles Perrault, the Arabian Nights and the like. (Or stories in the classic fairy tale style.) In order to keep the theme strong, I will not be accepting stories from Oz, Wonderland, Camelot, Middle Earth, Neverland, purely religious sources or holiday tales.

In short, this is a fairy tale blogathon not a general fantasy blogathon.

However, amalgamations of fairy tales (e.g. Enchanted) are perfectly acceptable, as are modernizations. Basically, as long as the source is a true fairy tale, it doesn’t matter how crazy the filmmakers get with it.

Family-friendly Event: In order to keep this event reasonably family-friendly, I am asking for no films above a U.S. PG-13/TV-14 rating. Yes, I realize that fairy tales in their original form could have some very distressing content but please humor me on this. And, yes, I realize the rating system here leaves a lot to be desired but it is the simplest way to draw a line on content.

When: November 9-11, 2014

What you need to do: Just tell me your movie or show of choice. If the fairy tale source is not obvious from the title, please be sure to clue me in as to which story it is based on. For example, if you want to claim Ball of Fire as a version of Snow White, simply state both titles and you are good to go.

Once your choice is accepted, grab a banner and display it proudly.

I will not be assigning days. Post your review on one of the three days, send me the URL and I will link over to your site. Easy!

I’ve never done this before but I want to join. Help!

I have written an article on exactly that topic. Here it is. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

Wish List:

These are films and shows I would particularly like to see claimed. (Quite a few of these titles are in the public domain and may be streamed for free online.)

Amalgamations: Into the Woods (1991), The Thief and the Cobbler (1992, 1993, 1995, 2006, 2007 or 2013 versions)

Classic: Shelley Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theatre (episode or series), Arabian Nights (2000), The Swan Princess (1994)

Sequels: Happily Ever After (1993, Snow White), Cinderella II (2002), The Swan Princess: Escape from Castle Mountain (1997)

Fractured: The Frog Prince (Muppet version), Son of Ali Baba (1952), Muppet Classic Theater (1994), The Storyteller (1987-1988), Snow White and the Three Stooges (1961)

Modernized: Ball of Fire (1941, Snow White), Sabrina (1954 or 1995, Cinderella), Beauty and the Beast (1987-1990)

And feel free to choose any Disney or Disney knockoff that strikes your fancy.


Movies Silently | Forbidden Fruit (1921, Cecil B. DeMille’s modern Cinderella)

Mildred’s Fatburgers | The Snow Queen (1957)

Portraits by Jenni | Ever After (1998, Drew Barrymore’s Cinderella)

Once Upon a Screen | L0oney Tunes Fairy Tales

Critica Retro | Comparison of Snow White (1916) and Blancanieves (2012)

Sister Celluloid | The Glass Slipper (1955)

Drew’s Movie Reviews | Enchanted (2008)

Enchanted by Film | Beauty and the Beast (1991) and Once Upon a Time (series, 2011-)

100 Films in a Year | The 10th Kingdom (2000) and La Belle et la Bête (1946)

Big V Riot Squad | Nursery Favorites (1913)

Silent Volume | Jack and the Beanstalk (1902) and The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926)

Timeless Hollywood | The Thief of Bagdad (1924)

Destroy All Fanboys | The Thief of Bagdad (1940) and Ray Harryhausen fairy tales

Spellbound by Movies | Claire (2001)

Cinema Moonglow | Shelley Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theatre (1982-1987)

Nitrate Glow | Bluebeard (1901) and Sleeping Beauty (1959)

Wide Screen World | Kirikou and the Sorceress (1998)

Random PicturesSecret Beyond the Door (1948, Fritz Lang’s Bluebeard)

Coolsville | The Juniper Tree (1990)

Silent-ology | Ella Cinders (1926)

A Shroud of Thoughts | Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

Silver Screenings | Cinderella aka Zolushka (1947)

The Cinematic Frontier | Frozen (2014)

Speakeasy | The Happy Prince (1974)

Phantom Empires | Gulliver’s Travels (1977)

Moon in Gemini | Fractured Fairy Tales (1959-1964) and Once Upon a Mattress (2005)

Jim Fanning’s Tulgey Wood | Cinderella (1950)

Margaret Perry | The Little Mermaid (1989)

Caftan Woman | Shirley Temple’s Storybook (1958-1961, Little Mermaid episode)

The Second Sentence | First Love (1939, Deanna Durbin’s Cinderella)

Cary Grant Won’t Eat You | Tangled (2010)

Girls Do Film | A Thousand and One Nights (1945)

Movie Movie Blog Blog | Popeye the Sailor Meets Sinbad the Sailor (1936)

24FPS | Three Wishes for Cinderella (1973)

Mr. Schneid’s Words About Things | Ella Enchanted (2004)

Culture Spy | Aladdin (1992)

Classic Movie Hub | Cinderella (1914)

Girl Meets Cinema | The relationship between Snow White and Prince Charming in Once Upon a Time

Big Screen Small Words | Penelope (2006, Christina Ricci’s Beauty and the Beast)

KaramelKinema | Mirror Mirror (2011) and La Belle et la Bête (2014)

All Eyes on Screen | Sabrina (1995, Cinderella)

The Rosebud Cinema | Peau d’Âne (1970)

The White’s List | Shrek (2001) and Shrek 2 (2004)

Let’s Go to the Movies | Beastly (2011)

Shameless Pile of Stuff | Prinsessa Ruusunen (1949)

Eclectic Alli | Into the Woods (1991)

flixchatter | Legend (1985)










See you there!

126 Replies to “ANNOUNCEMENT: The Fairy Tale Blogathon”

  1. May I do THE SNOW QUEEN (1957)? It used to be shown on TV every year at Christmas, I think on an Art Linkletter special. It’s an animated Soviet film dubbed in English by Sandra Dee and Tommy Kirk. SO good.

  2. Hi Fritzi!

    I guess it’s kismet that I run into these announcements of yours out of the blue. 😉 I’m not sure if this meet your criteria, but I’d love to comment on several Looney Tunes adaptations of popular Fairy Tales. If you want a specific list I’ll get that to you.


  3. I was waiting for you to jump into another blogathon! LOL
    I had an idea: comparing the 1916 Snow White with the 2012 Blancanieves… Both are silent versions of the same story, made 96 years apart!

  4. This is tempting, but it would just be a question of where to begin looking for fairy tales. Half the time the ones that come to mind are the Disney animated films and those will probably get taken pretty quickly. The only other one I can think of is The Red Shoes and I’m not entirely sure that counts since it isn’t so much based on the Hans Christian Anderson story as it is about the behind-the-scenes issues surrounding a performance of the ballet adaptation of the story.

  5. Can I be so bold as to grab two of your requests, please? The 10th Kingdom (it didn’t cross my mind til you mentioned it, but I love it!) and the 1946 La Belle et la Bête (I’ve needed an excuse to watch it for years).

  6. I’m new to your site, but I love it. Can I ask what the blogathon entails? I assume I write up one of the films on my blog and link to you? How does it work? I’d like to take the 10th Kingdom.

  7. Hi Fritzi. That’s a nice idean for a blogathon. May I do Edison’s 1913 talkie “Nursery Favorites”? It combines elements of nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Naturally I’d work in a bit more about the early-Teen talkie boom. If that doesn’t meet your criteria, I could come up with something else. Thank you for doing this.

  8. Well, oooh. Hmmm. tick-tock, tick-tock. I’ll grab The Thief of Bagdad (1940) and those Harryhausen fairy tales (amusingly enough, I just bought a UK DVD set of those, so this will be a fun pair of posts)…

  9. Hi Fritzi, I’m a newcomer. I am interested in signing up for this. May I write about Shelley Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theater? I really loved the series growing up and would love to write about it now. Thanks!

  10. I’ve always wanted to see The Juniper Tree, a 1990 movie starring Icelandic singer Bjork that’s based on the story of the same name from Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Would that work?
    (I *might* also write about the Beauty & The Beast episode from Faerie Tale Theatre if I have extra time in November – it’s one of my favorites!)

  11. If you think Wilde’s The Happy Prince counts as a fairy tale, then I’d like to do the Christopher Plummer/Glynis Johns voiced animated adaptation 🙂

  12. As Once Upon a Time deals with multiple fairytales, would it be useful for me to focus on perhaps one episode that deals with a particular fairytale? So for example series 1 episode 12 ‘Skin Deep’ which deals with Beauty and the Beast? Or series 1 episode 9 ‘True North’ which deals with Hansel and Gretel? So a specific fairytale within the show rather than the show as a whole (though I could briefly discuss that at the beginning) 🙂

    1. Whichever you think best for the review would be fine. I know it can be hard to cover a whole multi-season show in one post. I do like the idea of focusing on the show’s use of specific tales.

  13. It appears Disney’s “Aladdin” hasn’t been spoken for. I’d like to claim it.

    There’s a spendidly offbeat anime version of “Jack and the Beanstalk” from the 1970s, but I saw the DVD is going for $150 on Amazon, so it’s too rich for my blood. If anyone else has access to it, I’d love to see it included.

  14. This sounds amazing! I’d love to participate and hopefully claim the relationship between Prince Charming and Snow White on Once Upon A Time in relation to the Snow White and the Seven Dwarves fairy tale. 🙂

  15. Hi, Fritzi! In addition to Fractured Fairy Tales, may I also claim Once Upon a Mattress? It would be a shame if it wasn’t included in the blogathon, and I think it goes well with my other topic.

    (Have a great vacation, btw!)

  16. Could I write about Peau d’Âne? It’s a (very strange) French film from 1970 based on Donkeyskin, a fairytale by Charles Perrault!

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  18. Hi Fritzi! Great blog you’ve got here, and great idea for a blogathon too! Since I’m late in discovering this, everything seems to have been picked over. I’m thinking of doing one on Legend though, the 1985 film by Ridley Scott. Doesn’t seem like anyone is doing that and it’s considered a fairy tale, no? Let me know if that’s ok with you. Thanks!

    1. Hi there! Yeah, Legend is on the border between fantasy and fairy tale, isn’t it? Let’s call it on the side of “fairy tale” for the event. Welcome aboard! 🙂

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