The “World War One in Classic Film” Blogathon continues!


Hello and welcome to day two of the World War One in Classic Film Blogathon! The first day was hosted by Silent-ology (be sure to read those great posts) and now it is my turn.

Here are movies that celebrate, inflame, examine, condemn, celebrate and mourn the events of the First World War. Together, they are a powerful slice of history.

Don’t see yourself on the list? Send me your URL and I will be happy to add you. (WordPress has a small bug in its linking procedure. If your link is dead, please let me know at once. I try to test everything but blogathon days are always a little hectic.)

Ready? Let’s go!

The participants

Movies Silently | Barbed Wire (1927)

Movies Silently | Video review of Barbed Wire with a discussion of WWI propaganda, the post-war infusion of German talent into Hollywood and how it changed the way the war was portrayed.

Critica Retro | Alexander’s Ragtime Band (1938)

Wide Screen World | La Grande Illusion (1937)

Nitrate Glow | The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1920)

Cinematic Catharsis | The Little American (1918)

Coolsville | For Me and My Gal (1942)

Girls Do Film | Hell’s Angels (1930)

100 Films in a Year | The Battle of the Somme (1916)

Spellbound by Movies | Dark Journey (1937)

Into the Beautiful New | Outskirts aka The Patriots (Окраина) (1933)

Destroy All Fanboys | The Blue Max (1966)

Cinema MonolithThe Fighting 69th (1940)

Caftan Woman | Ever in My Heart (1933)

At the Sovereign | Wooden Crosses (1932)

Big V Riot Squad | A selection of short propaganda movies including The Leopard’s Spots,Patriotic Porkers, British Effort and British and German newsreels.

A Person in the Dark | Mata Hari (1931)

Silent Volume | All Quiet on the Western Front (1929) | Dishonored (1931)

Great War Films | Oh What a Lovely War (1969)

Moon in Gemini | South (1920)

Immortal Ephemera | The Last Flight (1931)

The Cinematic Packrat | Before the Great Detective there was the Great War (Basil Rathbone’s WWI service)

A Shroud of Thoughts | Sergeant York (1941)

Mildred’s Fatburgers | The Dawn Patrol (1930 and 1938)

Random Pictures | King and Country (1964)

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    1. Hey there! Yeah, they are older posts that I dusted off for the event but my comments close after 60 days and I was going to fix it but then I came down with a cold so here we are 😉

  1. That makes sense. I didn’t even look at the dates. In any event, I enjoyed both the written and the video reviews of Barbed Wire, along with the paired review of the talkie.

  2. I finally got through the Day Two posts. Wow. I learned a lot from both days. Thank you, Fritzi for hosting this with Lea. I know it’s a lot of work. Thank you to all my fellow bloggers for sharing your time and talents.

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