I really want to do this when people won’t even try to watch a silent movie. Animated GIF


Sometimes, I feel like a mother with a particularly picky child.

“Just try a few minutes of a silent movie.”

“No! I’ll hate it! It’s icky!”

“Just a little.”

“No, no, no!!!!”

If you have seen silent movies and don’t like them, well, that’s the way it crumbles, cookie-wise. But if you have seen nary a one and yet still have an opinion?  Oh, honey, no.

Lon Chaney knows exactly how to get what he wants in The Monster. The heroes don’t want to see the, heh heh heh, room he has prepared? He doesn’t rely on threats. He simply insists that they take a look. (You can read my review of the movie here.)

Don’t be surprised if a take up a silver cigarette holder (even though I do not smoke) and repeat this line at my next movie night.

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8 Replies to “I really want to do this when people won’t even try to watch a silent movie. Animated GIF”

  1. I’ve met people who think even something as recent as the original Star Wars is too old for their time. Getting them to see something in black and white alone is nigh impossible and they go in with the intention of hating it and acting like the whole thing is going to be campy, even when it isn’t at all.

  2. I think with somebody entering into silent film the best method is to watch what the person enjoys. For example, I watched The Man Who Laughs due to my love of the Phantom of the Opera and the Hunchback of Notre Dame and I wound up falling in love with it. I got into other silent films thanks to my new appreciation for Conrad Veidt and it grew from there. I even got my parents into silent films through their appreciation for slapstick comedy and me introducing them to Buster Keaton!

    Admittedly though there always will be people who condemn a film based on its age and rely on stereotypes. When I come across those people, they’re usually the types that I want to kick up the backside ala Chaplin.

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