Your house guest won’t leave? Do what Lon Chaney does. Animated GIF


No could do creepy quite like Lon Chaney. I’m not sure anyone wanted to do creepy quite like Lon Chaney. Well, Mr. Chaney had some rather practical methods for creeping out his house guests in The Monster. (You can read my review here.)

Step 1: Put on a big grin. A bizarrely long cigarette holder is an excellent accessory.

Step 2: Wait until your guest says some variation of “see you in the morning.”

Step 3: Grin wider and say, “Who knows if one will EVER see the morning?”

Step 4: Slowly close the door behind you.

Voila! With any luck, your house guest will flee and you will be rid of him.

(The Monster got a very nice release from Warner Archive. Good print, good score.)

9 Replies to “Your house guest won’t leave? Do what Lon Chaney does. Animated GIF”

  1. I assume this tactic would be perfect for warding off sleazy men trying to go home with you at a bar as well!

      1. There should be a book on the subject. 101 Ways to Scare Off Creepers; Silent Film edition; I have a feeling that a Rudolph Valentino section would be purposefully left out…

  2. I once had a houseguest stay for months while she apartment-hunted. It got so invasive that I started having a recurring dream that someone was following me around with a video camera. Now I have your helpful post to make sure it never happens again… going on ebay for a cigarette holder…

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