Silent Movie Trivia Card #1: Chicago (1927)

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I am getting into the collectible business! Well, digital collectibles anyway. And since these are free, I guess it is really not much of a business. In any case, humor me.

My point is that I thought it would be fun to deliver bite-sized bits of silent movie trivia in a series of cards. Feel free to download, print, share and annoy your friends and relatives with your new-found knowledge.

Before it was a musical, Chicago was a sassy silent film. But how well do you know Roxie Hart and the gang? Enjoy the trivia!

(You can read my review of the rowdy romp that is Chicago here.)


8 Replies to “Silent Movie Trivia Card #1: Chicago (1927)”

  1. Hey, now! If people can cough up 55 grand for potato salad on Kickstarter, I bet some would LOVE to see some actual Silent Movie cards! I say do up a plan to maybe get an actual deck out and see what happens…

      1. Oh, you’re welcome. If it’s any help, the board/card game community is pretty receptive to all sorts of new(ish) ideas. Yeah, there’s a bunch of people who actually get together and play games (not online!)

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