The Silent Life in 1925: Summer Frocks, Swimsuits & Corinne Griffith

Here is another entry in Photoplay Magazine’s shopping service series. Basically, they got stars to model some item of clothing and then they sold copies to the eager public. The series started with Lillian Gish and followed up with Mary Astor. This time around, the featured star is the lovely Corinne Griffith. Not as well remembered as the other featured ladies, she was a popular and talented star in 1925.

corinne griffith frock 1925 photoplay page 1

Very pretty! I would definitely wear it today.

Next, we have the general Summer line. I am not ashamed to say that I want every single item of clothing advertised here.

corinne griffith frock 1925 photoplay page 2

My hands-down favorite on this page is the adorable little beach dress to the far right. Very flattering and demure but it still says “fun in the sun” and does not look frumpy.

corinne griffith frock 1925 photoplay page 3

On this page, my favorite is the sweater with horizontal stripes. I actually wear sweaters like it during the cold months. (Yes, California does have them. And snow.) The accompanying skirt with the center pleat is also very nice and yet another item of clothing that I actually wear today.

Good stuff!