ANNOUNCEMENT: Accidentally Hilarious, a classic movie blogathon

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How does a movie become a classic? A great cast, a great script, great direction, iconic scenes… But then there are the movies that achieve greatness from another direction. I’m talking about the turkeys, the cheese fests, so bad they’re good.

This event is all about celebrating movies that are amusing for all the wrong reasons. The ones that ended up as gems of unintentional comedy.

I became hooked on bad movies quite young. I was seven years old and stayed home from school with a cold. A friend of the family sent over some movies and one of them was The Robot Monster.

Fans of bad films: I see you smiling!

Never heard of it? Behold!


I was hooked! I became a devotee of bad films. Let’s give them their day in the sun. Or at least their afternoon under flickering fluorescent lights.

When: July 13-15, 2014

Basics: Pick any cornball classic released on or before 1965. These movies must not only be bad, they must be so bad they’re hilarious. You may also cover the careers of famous schlockmeisters from the period, if you like. In order to encourage variety, I am asking for no duplicates, please.

Details: Everyone’s definition of humor is different. Please, feel free to choose bad movies that are funny to you. (If you find one of your favorite films on the list, don’t hit me, I’m only the hostess!)

Please note that the films covered in this event are not funny because they are old. They are funny because the script, or the acting, or something else fails in just the right way.

Special note for silent movie fans: Bad silent movies are something of an elephant in the room. You see, fans of silent films spend untold hours trying to convince people that silent films were never like… that! Well, the fact is that the silent era was like any other time period: There were a large number of good movies, some so-so movies and a few spectacularly bad movies.

You know what? That’s okay. The silent era was not this strange, mythical time period full of masterpieces. Hard-working people tried to make good movies but sometimes, they just didn’t do it. Consider this affectionate ribbing from a devoted set of fans.

Wish List:

[column size=one_half position=first ]

Robot Monster (the ideal bad movie)

The Magic Sword (Some big names in this medieval turkey.)

Godzilla vs. Monster Zero (A childhood favorite. Team Ghidorah!)

Plan 9 from Outer Space (that’s a given)

Night of the Ghouls (its forgotten sequel)

Canadian Mounties vs. Atomic Invaders (you really need to ask?)

Duel in the Sun (aka, Lust in the Dust)

The Face of Fu Manchu (The best of the series. That’s not saying much.)


[column size=one_half position=last ]

The Road to Yesterday (one of my favorite silent cheeseballs)

The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent (um, feminism?)

The Conqueror (aka, John Wayne is Genghis Khan)

The Wild Women of Wongo (worth it for the title alone)

Beyond the Forest (what a dump!)

Santa Fe Trail (Ronald Reagan as General Custer. Really.)



These are just a few titles I would like to see find a home. Feel free to review anything that strikes your funny bone from 1965 or before.


Movies Silently | Heart of Wetona

Nitrate Glow | Nomads of the North and Jane Eyre (1934) and The Road to Yesterday

Cinematic Catharsis | Glen or Glenda

The Movie Rat | Reefer Madness

The Vintage Cameo | Just Imagine

Forgotten Films | Cat-Women of the Moon

A Person in the Dark | The Terror of Tiny Town

Sister Celluloid | Torch Song

The Nitrate Diva | Maniac (1934)

Critica Retro | Fire Maidens of Outer Space

Silent-ology | The Sheik

cinemaburn | The Wild Women of Wongo

Destroy All Fanboys | The Magic Sword + Reptilicus

Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights | El Santo vs. las Mujeres Vampiro aka Samson vs. the Vampire Women

Mildred’s Fatburgers | Johnny Guitar

The Great Katharine Hepburn | Spitfire

Cinema Monolith | Eegah

Greg McCambley on B-Movie Maniacs | The Sinister Urge and a profile on Coleman Francis

Once Upon a Screen | The Killer Shrews

B-Movie Maniacs | Robot Monster

The Draconic Verses | King Dinosaur

Silver Screenings | White Pongo

All Things Kevyn | The Silver Chalice

Girls Do Film | Plan 9 from Outer Space

The Girl with the White Parasol | The Pride and the Passion

Prowler Needs a Jump | They Saved Hitler’s Brain/Madmen of Mandoras (so nice, they named it twice!)

MovieFanFare | Sincerely Yours

The Last Drive In | The Creeping Terror

I Love Terrible Movies | The Incredible Petrified World 

Destroy All Fanboys | The Horror of Party Beach and Konga

James Downs | Devil Girl from Mars

Le Mot du Cinephiliaque | Night of the Ghouls

A Shroud of Thoughts | The Tingler

The Man on the Flying Trapeze | Attack of the 50 ft. Woman


Here are the event banners. Display them with pride! The last one is a GIF while the others are static.







85 Replies to “ANNOUNCEMENT: Accidentally Hilarious, a classic movie blogathon”

  1. Ooooh, my head is spinning. SPINNING, I say. I’ll get back to you on this, as there are SO many films… TOO many to cover and my brain’s Rolodex just fell on the floor. Little cards everywhere, each with a movie I’ve seen on it…

    1. Ooo, that one is outside the 1965 limit. But let me know your second choice, I would love to have you aboard!

  2. Can I get Nomads of the North (1920)? Overacting, lapses of logic, melodramatic cliches, and talking animals! (I would grab The Sheik, but that’s too typical a choice for me.)

  3. This is a great idea, Fritzi. I’m sorry to say that family obligations will prevent me from participating. However, I’m looking forward to reading all the posts. I particularly like the Valentino banner. If anyone is having trouble thinking of a good enough bad movie, let me offer two suggestions: 1. Any movie starring bandleader Kay Kyser. 2. Any movie starring the Ritz Brothers. These are comedies that are often hilarious for the wrong reasons.

  4. The Internet really needed this! I know I sure did… Please count me in! Right now I’m leaning towards writing about Dwain Esper’s “Maniac” (1934), because I’d say it’s the screwiest thing I’ve ever seen.

  5. Everybody is picking the “good” titles fast! I’ll choose Fire Maidens of Outer Space (1957). It seems July will be a month fulled with bad movies for me. 🙂

  6. Aw heck yeah, THE SHEIK please! (Okay, so the first movie that sprang to mind was Larry Semon’s The Wizard of Oz. However, this movie is not a gem of unintentional comedy. It’s just plain bad. A bad, bad, bad comedy. )

    1. Hurrah! Rudy’s “java-java-java” look will get the coverage it deserves 😉

  7. Oh, this one sounds like fun, but I’m going to have a heck of a time finding a good movie to work with. Fortunately I do have that collection of b-movies I’ve been working through so there’s bound to be something in there I’ll find eventually. I remember the last one I saw in there was a really bad one called “Horrors of Spider Island”, where there were barely any spiders, logic is cast out the window (somehow being bit by a spider turns you into an invincible monster), and at one point the plot is abandoned for a while just so the main characters can have a party. I’ll probably find something or other there.

    1. Wonderful! Let me know what you decide and I will add you to the roster 🙂

  8. There’s so few for me to choose from, most of the cheesy superhero movies kick in at 1966 unless I wanted to check out some of the old serials. I also don’t know if the Dick Tracy movies are ok or cheesy-bad. But I did find one candidate from the Mexican Luchiador El Santo series: El Santo vs. las Mujeres Vampiro aka Samson vs. the Vampire Women.

    1. Sounds pretty epic in badness. Anything that was on MST3K is a pretty good candidate. Let me know what you decide and I will add you to the roster.

  9. Hmmm… I’ll note that the best, er worst “B” to “Z” grade films were presented in double features to an unwilling public who thought they were getting more for their money. So, can I do The Magic Sword and Reptilicus (separate posts, of course!)

  10. I’d like to add another film to my roster: the 1934 version of Jane Eyre. It goes so much against the themes and character of the original novel that it’d be infuriating if the acting wasn’t so laughable, and then there’s the random slapstick (because when you think gothic masterpiece, you think pratfalls!). It’s also got Colin Clive as Mr. Rochester and boy is he miscast.

    1. There has never been a perfect Jane Eyre, at least in my opinion. I look forward to your review! It sounds wretched!

    1. Great! We needed more cavemen in this thing. There can never be too many cavemen when bad movies are involved 😉

  11. Hello Fritzi,

    I tried my best to ignore this and succeeded for an entire day. I’m so overwhelmed but I can’t ignore THE KILLER SHREWS (1959). Let me know if that works.


    1. Oh yes! We MUST have The Killer Shrews! What a masterpiece of schlock, terrific choice

  12. Drat! I see “Robot Monster” is already taken. That being the case, may I have the next best thing, which is “White Pongo” (1945)?

    Fab idea, Fritzi. I am going to love every single second of this.

  13. Hey, I would really like to be part of all the fun. Could I sign up for the 1954 film, The Silver Chalice? I actually enjoy this film (Paul Newman’s film debut) but it is oh so bad.

    Oh, and I saw Johnny Guitar in the list above. That is one of my all-time favourite films, but you said not to hit you if we found one of faves in here, so I’ll drop it…for now 🙂

    Thanx. See ya ’round the web. All Things Kevyn.

    1. Marvelous! I was hoping for some more sword and sandal cheese.

      I know Sergio Leone heavily based Once Upon a Time in the West on Johnny Guitar. We shall have to see how all this turns out 😉

  14. Love this idea Fritzi. Please could I write about Plan 9 from Outer Space…? With Bela Lugosi and Ed Wood on board, what could possibly go right?? 😉

  15. Hi, Fritzi. So glad you’ve decided to host another blogathon–especially one that promises to be as awesomely hilarious as this one. Think I could snag The Pride and the Passion (1957)? Sophia Loren, Cary Grant, and Frank Sinatra team up to drag a really big cannon over the Spanish countryside. Historical epic camp at its finest.

  16. This is certainly a blogathon topic with an embarrassment of riches–or some embarrassing riches–to pick from, Fritzi. Please toss MovieFanFare’s hat into the ring with 1955’s Sincerely Yours, featuring leading man Liberace in his first, and last, starring role.

  17. Saaaaaay… NO one has taken The Horror of Party Beach yet? I did this back in May on a whim (and upon finding I still had it on an old VHS tape), so feel free to add it if more posts are needed. That and I just watched 1981’s KONGA for the first time in a few years and it’s a total scream with plenty of scenery chewing (Michael Gough, of all people yelling up a storm and getting all grabby with a student he’s lusting after), a bit of murder unleashed from the back of a van, poisonous mutant plants, terrible science and that titular gigantic gorilla wreaking havoc throughout London…

    1. Horror of Party Beach sounds fantastic! Konga sounds great as well but its a bit outside the date limit, I’m afraid. I will add you to the roster, thanks for joining!

      1. Ah, you’ve discovered a secret about me: I type in the dark AND stay up too late! Konga was made in 1961. I think I was a bit woozy when I typed 1981. Oops.

  18. Drat, Fritzi, if it weren’t for your 1965 cut-off, I’d have begged you to let me blog about CHANDLER starring Warren Oates, a film that’s trying to be a 1970 throwback. Oh well. Sounds like you’ll have a hilarious time, though, and I look forward to reading your posts! 😀

  19. Hi!
    First time here, but I saw the banner on Barry’s blog (Cinematic Catharsis) and I immediately and absolutely loved the idea!
    I’d love to join the Blog-A-Thon and claim Night of the Ghouls since I am a Edward D. Wood enthusiast!
    Michaël from Le Mot du Cinephiliaque

    Thanks a bunch!

    1. Thanks for the inquiry but the event has ended. Stay tuned for our next exciting blogathon 🙂

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