The Snoopathon: A Blogathon of Classic Spies

snoopathon-blogathon-of-spies-negri It’s here at last! Spies, spies and more spies! Enjoy the wonderful posts, they are sure to leave you in a sneaky mood. For your reading pleasure, I have separated the posts into fun categories. Some films fit more than one category so I did a mental coin flip to decide where they should go.

Bond Ambition

The adventures of a certain agent 007

#Bond_age_ | Casino Royale

A Shroud of Thoughts | Goldfinger

Hitchcock’s World | Why do people like James Bond?

Culture Spy | From Russia With Love

Culture Spy | On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Baby, it’s cold (war) outside

The lighter side of Cold War spying

Destroy All Fanboys | Deadlier Than the Male

Tales of the Easily Distracted | Arabesque

Forgotten Films | The Ambusters

Silver Scenes | The Shaggy Dog

Movie Fanfare | The Nasty Rabbit

SMERSH it up

The Cold War gets deadly

Destroy All Fanboys | The Ipcress File

Hitchcock’s World | Alphaville

Spoilers | Torn Curtain

The Vintage Cameo | The Manchurian Candidate

hardboiledgirl | Pickup on South Street

The Greatest (Spy) Generation

The Second World War was a sneaky place to be.

The Joy and Agony of Movies | 5 Fingers

Phantom Empires | The Adventures of Tartu

Prowler Needs a Jump | Where Eagles Dare

Shadowplay | A Friend Will Come Tonight

Speakeasy | The Man Who Never Was

I See a Dark Theater | I See a Dark Stranger

Random Pictures | Army of Shadows

The Counterfeit Writer | The Counterfeit Traitor

Nazis? I hate those guys.

The lighter side of WW2 spies.

Cinema Monolith | All Through the Night

Big V Riot Squad | Batman (this 1943 serial has him fighting Axis agents)

Silver Scenes | Above Suspicion

Mike’s Take on the Movies | The Invisible Agent

That other time everyone fought the Germans

Spying during the First World War

A Thousand Words | After Tonight | Mata Hari

Silver Screenings | Secret Agent

Movies Silently | Her Man o’ War

Amateur Hour

Spying is not always left to the professionals

Once Upon a Screen | The 39 Steps

Girls Do Film | My Favorite Blonde

The Thrilling Days of Yesteryear | My Favorite Spy

Critica Retro | Notorious (be sure to click that “translate” button)

The Blonde at the Film | Foreign Correspondent

Hitchcock’s World | North by Northwest

I go bye now

Spying behind enemy lines

Movies Silently | Hotel Imperial (with coverage of the sound remake, Five Graves to Cairo)

Nitrate Glow | The General

Silentology | The Hessian Renegades

The Counterfeit Writer | Secret Mission

The Nitrate Diva | Hands Up!

Immortal Ephemera | Secret Service

I could tell you who I work for but then I would have to kill you

It pays to be organized, be it be a government or a shadowy secret cartel

Retrowarehouse | Charade

Shadow Cabaret | Thank You, Mr. Moto

Phantom Empires | Haldane of the Secret Service

Cinematic Catharsis | Spies (Spione)

Caftan Woman | Bulldog Drummond series

Mildred’s Fatburgers | Duck Soup


Spies on the small screen

#Bond_age_ | The Man from UNCLE

#Bond_age_ | Mission: Impossible

Bubblegum Aesthetic | The Avengers

54 Replies to “The Snoopathon: A Blogathon of Classic Spies”

  1. If I had a moose-tache, I’d be twirling it right now. I do have a magnifying glass, so I’ll celebrate by reading some posts today (my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be AND I can cook lunch at the same time using sunlight to boil some soup!)

  2. If I’m not too late, I’d like to participate. I would write about French resistance movie A Friend Will Come Tonight (1946) which features several undercover characters including a Nazi spy.

    1. No problem at all! Just send over your link when you post and I will add you to the roster.

      1. Oops — although I start my piece by mentioned The Big Red One, that’s not a spy movie and it’s not the subject of my piece, which is the lesser-known A Friend Will Come Tonight (France, 1946). Thanks.

      1. Okay, I did manage to find a good spy film that I’m hoping to write something about, but in the meantime I just realized I also had this one. It’s sort of a spy film, I think, or at least the main character is supposed to be a secret agent who went in to stop the evil scientist that built a computer that took over the city and outlawed all emotion for some reason:

  3. Fritzi, thanks for the opportunity to take part in my first blogathon. I’m having a great time reading all the other entries and seeing the different approaches everyone’s taking.

    It’s bad timing that technical problems have forced me to close comments on my post right now – I hate to miss out on some of the conversation. Anyone who has a thought on my Mr. Moto post is welcome to share it via the email address on my blog and I’ll be happy to get back to them asap.

    Congratulations to all who participated, and all who took the time to read these interesting and entertaining posts!

    1. No problem at all! Sorry to hear you are experiencing technical difficulties. I really did enjoy your Mr. Moto post and your discussion of the time, place, and background the shaped the films. Thanks so much for joining in the event

    1. Thanks so much 😉 I am trying to find ways to make sure all the posts get showcased. Big events are great but sometimes worthy posts get buried.

  4. Well, Fritzi, it took me a while but I just read the last entry. Thank you for putting together another wonderful blogathon. We all appreciate your hard work and imagination.

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