The Silent Life in 1915: “What I have learnt from the movies”

Parents! Do you forbid your youngsters from going to the motion pictures? Afraid that those nasty flickers will instill wicked thoughts? Well, I am happy to say that your fears have been misguided! Here is a handy list (from 1915) that explains all the wonders your children will see at the movies! So educational! So wholesome!

They will learn:

How the Belgian people obtain food!

How to pose!

How the suffragettes carry on their campaigns!

That harems in India are called “zenanas” (?)

How liquor ruins many homes!

How cities are bombarded!

How diseases cattle are killed in the Chicago stockyards!

My little tykes were not allows to go to the movies but now they are abuzz with knowledge of harems, alcohol and calf slaughter. And they won’t sop posing. Thank you, motion pictures!

Here is the complete list. Quite fascinating.


And part two.



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