beyond-the-border-i-want-my-pantsSometimes silent movies have a title card that just makes me lose it. This is one such card. It’s from the 1925 Harry Carey western comedy vehicle entitled Beyond the Border. The whole movie is quite droll (Carey is a charmer) but this throwaway gag involving quarantines and strawberry allergies is the best part of the film.

(In case you are curious, Carey gets locked in a quarantined hotel because the goofy town doc diagnosed one of the guests with smallpox. It turns out that the poor man just had a strawberry allergy and is none too pleased about being locked up sans pants.)

The film is the sort of thing James Garner would make nearly half a century later. Will definitely be reviewing it soon. Plus, I’m just wild about Harry.


Released on DVD by Alpha. The print is a bit rough but the price is nice

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  1. LOL! That’s great. Such a line not be out of place if said by the Marvel Comics character Deadpool.

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