Gloria Swanson demonstrates how to fake a language, Animated GIF

manhandled-1924-gloria-swanson-silent-movie-fake-russianWhat with the popularity of fake language speaking (this week anyway) I thought it would be fun to post a little goodie I have been holding onto for a while. Gloria Swanson is posing as a Russian countess because… Hollywood. Anyway, everything is okay until she meets a real Russian who, shockingly enough, decides to speak Russian. Gloria’s solution? Start sobbing!

“You remind me of old country!”

Russian is just too upsetting, it reminds her of the revolution! Don’t even think in Russian around her! The trauma! The trauma!

Brilliant. Mayhaps Ricardo Cortez should have tried it with Spanish.

I find this especially funny because I was once acquainted with a person who, for reasons best known to them, claimed to speak fluent Mandarin. It was… odd. (And extremely confusing to actual Mandarin speakers.)

The GIF is from Manhandled.

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