Fun Size Review: Don Juan (1926)

don juan

John Barrymore is the famous lover who likes his ladies in both quality and quantity. He genuinely falls for Mary Astor’s virginal damsel and ends up incurring the wrath of the Borgias. The costumes are a visual banquet of the gorgeous and the bizarre. The famous duel is worth the price of admission but there is a lot of hamminess and overwrought love-making to get through as well.

If it were a dessert it would be:


A 27-Layer Rainbow Cake. Quantity and variety but maybe a bit too much.

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6 Replies to “Fun Size Review: Don Juan (1926)”

  1. Oh this movie. It’s silly and somewhat disturbing in regards to gender politics but it’s a lot of fun too, if you can get into the spirit of things.

    1. So many of the early sound showcases could be a bit tedious, in my opinion. Mr. Barrymore appeared to be having fun 😉

  2. Recently, I watched “Twentieth Century” featuring our dear Mr Barrymore, and I mentioned it on twitter. One woman responded to me, saying she loved the movie and that she had “a crush on John Barrymore’s hair.” LOL!!

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