The Classic Movie History Project Blogathon: The Silent Era


Welcome to the Classic Movie History Project Blogathon! My co-hostesses and I will be giving you a guided tour through the history of film from 1915 to 1950. I will be handling the silent era (1915-1926), Silver Screenings is hosting 1927-1938 on 1/13/14 and Once Upon a Screen is responsible for 1939-1950 on 1/14/14.

Participants can send me over direct links to their posts. Otherwise I will link to the front page of their blog.


Movies Silently

Three part article on the 14 films Cecil B. DeMille released in 1915.

Cecil B. DeMille in 1915: Civil Wars! Stage Coaches! The Stock Exchange! Montenegro?

Cecil B. DeMille in 1915: Hot Sands, Hotter Love, Tenements and Wild Geese

Cecil B. DeMille in 1915: Gypsies, Censors and Thieves


Big V Riot Squad

1916: A Funny Year


A Person in the Dark

Vamps, Tramps and Box Office Champs


A Small Press Life

The Magic of Mabel and Mickey


Totally Filmi

1919: D.G. Phalke and Kaliya Mardan

Kaliya Mardan (D.G. Phalke, 1919)


Durnmoose Movie Musings

1920 – A Cinematic Year Of Darkness And Light


Silent Volume

Four reviews of notable silents from Sweden, Germany and the United States

The Indian Tomb

The Wildcat

The Phantom Carriage

The Play House


Family Friendly Reviews

1922 from a family-friendly perspective


The Filmatelist
Of Tramps and Vamps


Nitrate Glow

Hits and Misses of 1924


Critica Retro

An Unforgettable Year!

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