ANNOUNCEMENT: The Classic Movie History Project Blogathon


UPDATE: You can find direct links to all the participants’ posts here.

UPDATE: The roster is full! Thank you so much for participating and we look forward to your posts in January!

I firmly believe that there is a little bit of the historian in every classic movie fan. After all, we love films that were made before we were even a gleam in our father’s eye. Well, here’s our chance to collaborate on a project celebrating the history of motion pictures

Most movie blogathons center around actors, topics, genres or eras of film. This event is going to focus on individual years. Our range is 1915 to 1950. Participants will each focus on one individual year in the history of film. In order to focus on as many years as possible, we are asking for no duplicates, please. The event will be held January 12-14, 2014.

I have been joined by two amazing co-hostesses this time around: Ruth of Silver Screenings and Aurora of Once Upon a Screen, two of the best classic film bloggers on the beat. I will be hosting the silent era portion of the event while Ruth and Aurora will split the sound era between them.

How do I join?

Pick the year you would like to focus on (or ask us to assign one to you). Be sure to wait for confirmation before going to work as the “big” years are likely to be snapped up quickly. If your chosen year is taken, we will suggest alternate years that still open.

You can contact me in the comments section, via email or on Twitter.

Is this your first blogathon? I just happen to have written a handy how-to article on blogathon participation.

What can I submit?

It’s your year and you can handle it any way you like. Here are some ideas:

A pictorial focusing on the best film posters of your chosen year.

A review of a film from your chosen year.

An examination of the year through the films of a particular actor or director. For example, you could cover 1931 by examining the five films Joan Crawford made that year.

A historical approach discussing events that changed the course of film history. For example, 1927 and the talkie revolution.

A timeline showing the important events of your year. For example, a timeline of major releases for 1922.

An examination of the year through popular genres. For example, you could cover 1916 by discussing the role of westerns and realism vs. escapism in these films.

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.


Remember, no duplicates!

1915 Movies Silently
1916 Big V Riot Squad
1917  Flick Chick
1918  One Track Muse
1919  Totally Filmi
1920  Durnmoose Movie Musings
1921  Silent Volume
1922  Family Friendly Reviews
1923  The Filmatelist
1924  Nitrate Glow
1925  Critica Retro
1926  Classic Film Buffa
1927  Goregirl’s Dungeon
1928  Self-Styled Siren
1929 Silver Screenings
1930  The Artistic Packrat
1931  Immortal Ephemera
1932  Ann Dvorak: Hollywood’s Forgotten Rebel
1933 Outspoken & Freckled
1934  Nitrate Diva
1935  Absolutely Merle
1936  Lasso the Movies
1937 The Motion Pictures
1938  Speakeasy
1939 Once Upon a Screen
1940 Lady Eve’s Reel Life
1941  The Joy and Agony of Movies
1942 Wide Screen World
1943 The Last Drive In
1944  The Movie Rat
1945  Caftan Woman
1946  synkroniciti
1947  Crimson Kimono
1948  Hye’s Musings
1949  Portraits by Jenni
1950 Vienna’s Classic Hollywood


Be sure to snag one of our banners for the event!





This is going to be fun!

48 Replies to “ANNOUNCEMENT: The Classic Movie History Project Blogathon”

  1. I agree, Fritzi. I do think there’s a bit of historians in each of us classic film bloggers. I know I love discovering new things as I research about an actor or a film or events from a certain time period. Such a fun blogathon concept!

  2. I love the idea! I’m slightly intimidated by the “epicness” of it, but I would love to join…and will let you assign the year. Looking forward to it.

      1. I’d like any “unwanted” year to help fill any gaps, so you can wait a few days before assigning one to me if that helps. I’m expecting to have a bit of research to do for any of them and I’m up for anything.

        I love the banners too and may use that same idea (text clearly above and below the image) to improve my rushed Christmas Movie Blogathon banners, if you don’t mind.

        Great idea and I’m looking forward to reading the others!

      2. Thanks for stepping up! I really appreciate it. In that case, I will wait a bit and see how the roster is shaping up. Will be in touch!

        (And I have a HUGE banner design section in my blogathon how-to post. Will be putting that up next week)

      3. 1922 — I’m on it!

        Let me know what day I should publish and what url you prefer to link for any mentions and banners on my blog. Thanks!

      1. Hi Fritzi,
        The site is actually synkroniciti not synkrociti. No sweat… I know it is hard to spell!! 🙂

        Thank you again!

  3. What an original idea for a blogathon! Thank you for letting me know about it. If it’s still open, I’d love to write about 1934, with a special focus on the enforcement of censorship in Hollywood after the excesses of the pre-Code era.

  4. I’d like 1949 please. I’m thinking I may focus on either Battleground, Pinky, The Heiress, or All the King’s Men. Found an interesting list of top paid actors and actresses from that year…surprised me what I found!

      1. Fabulous!! Will have to fine-tune my idea, but it will have a Merle Oberon focus, being the year she made “The Dark Angel” for Samuel Goldwyn 😎 I’m really excited about this!!

      2. Hi! I’ve fine-tuned my idea now. I’d like to do an examination of 1935 through five motion pictures that helped bring about significant “firsts” in the world of filmdom that year. The five films are David Copperfield, Becky Sharp, Curly Top, The Dark Angel, and Captain Blood.
        I’m really looking forward to this!!! 😎

    1. Hi there! To be honest, my co-hosts and I were unprepared for the response to the event, all the slots were snapped up before I even finished sending out invitations.
      Because there are so many wonderful bloggers (like you!) we are already planning an expanded sequel so I will be sure to give you a heads up when it launches!

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