Meet the Movie Bloggers! The Motion Pictures

Welcome back to the series dedicated to profiling movie bloggers of note. This time around, I am profiling a fellow LAMB member.

The Motion Pictures


Focus: Mid-century movies and television with some modern films thrown into the mix for a well-rounded site.

Features: Lots and lots of those! Book vs. Film, Childhood Favorites Revisited, What to Watch (recommended TCM viewing), and much more. My personal favorites are Lindsey Tries to Appreciate Westerns (in which our intrepid blog hostess tries to discover the secret to the genre’s appeal) and Mill Creek Musings (in which Lindsey reviews films from those gigantic multi-movie public domain sets that are always on sale at Costco and Target, the films themselves are very mixed bag but the reviews are always fun reading)

Gateway posts: Have a gander at Classics of the Corn: The Brady Bunch Movie or take a drive through Mill Creek with The Sleeping Tiger.

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