This cracks me up because it is totally how I used to sew when I was a kid. Animated GIF


I loved to sew when I was a kid. No sheet or tablecloth was safe! I was sure to snip it up and turn it into a costume for myself or my dolls. My mother was shockingly tolerant of this behavior. It could not have been easy to have a constant costume surplus and sheet shortage. (I still do a bit of costume sewing on the side, though I have not made anything in a while.) We were also indulged in our love of grasshoppers, lizards, fossils, trains, dinosaurs, books and DuckTales.

When you’re a kid, threading a needle can be a challenge. To avoid the dreaded chore, I would load the needle with as much thread as possible. Longer than my arm sometimes. Ah, those were the days!

(The GIF is from Alias Jimmy Valentine)