If you get insulted, just do this– on second thought, don’t. You’ll get arrested. Animated GIF


More Bolshevik trash talk from the one and only William Boyd, aka Hopalong Cassidy. In case you didn’t already notice, I find this casting to be infinitely amusing.

The setup is as follows: Aristocrat Elinor Fair thinks William Boyd’s muscly peasant is pretty easy on the eyes. Her fiance, Victor Varconi, realizes this is true and, spurred by jealousy, messes with Mr. Boyd’s face. Boo! I mean, Boyd doesn’t end up like Gwynplaine or anything but still!

In any case, the “Our blood now, your blood later” thing is some splendidly over-the-top threatening!


The Volga Boatman was released on VHS by Kino. There is also an out-of-print DVD version.