Announcement of a New Feature: Silent Take


Well, I did a test run for the feature and the positive response has convinced me to make it a regular addition to the site.

Silent Take. What is it? Basically, it is a modern film re-imagined as a silent.

Here are the rules that I laid out for myself:

  • The target movie must be from the modern era, which I am arbitrarily setting at 1975 or later.
  • I pick a year for the silent version to be made. I will only use talent that was either active in that year or was capable of being active in that year. For example, If I chose the year 1918, I would have no problems using an actor who may have won his first role in 1920 but who was actively trying to get parts in 1918.
  • For the design, I will try to capture the general look and feel of marketing materials of the silent era. However, I consider this a fun art project, not a historical reproduction. So, I will try to use typefaces and colors that embody the spirit of the time but may not be 100% accurate.
  • I will play fast and loose with studio relationships and top billing. What does that mean? Well, I will mix together actors and directors who may have never worked together in real life due to being contracted with rival studios. And there may be cases when a top tier star will be billed below a less-famous player. I hope you will indulge me in this.

I have lots more posters in the works so stay tuned!

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