It’s here! The Funny Lady Blogathon!

I am just marvelously excited! The Funny Lady Blogathon has launched! My fellow bloggers have joined me in celebrating the wonderful funny women of classic film!

Some have contributed reviews, some have contributed articles. I invited my Tumblr friends to make animated GIFs for the occasion and they did themselves proud! Come and see all the wonderful treasures that have been contributed!

A special note to participants:

Thank you so much for making my first blogathon a success! Please give me the URL of your post to make it easier for the readers to find your contribution. You can email, tweet, Tumblr message, anything you like.

I have arbitrarily divided the ladies into three categories covering the time when they did their most famous work. It’s just a guesstimate to keep things tidy so don’t be mad if I put someone in the wrong slot.

Blogs with direct links to the posts will be marked with an *

The Silent Ladies

*Movies Silently | Marion Davies in Show People + sundry GIFs

Comet Over Hollywood | Zasu Pitts

*The World’s Funniest Dissertation | Mabel Normand

*The Movie Rat | Louise Fazenda

*Noir and Chick Flicks | Clara Bow

*Family Friendly Reviews | Mary Pickford in My Best Girl

*A Modern Musketeer | Martha Sleeper

*A Mythical Monkey | Funny Ladies of the Silent Era: A Baker’s Dozen

The Golden Age, Thirties and Forties

*I Started Late and Forgot the Dog | Ginger Rogers

*Crítica Retrô | Rosalind Russell in His Girl Friday

*Girls Do Film | Katharine Hepburn in Bringing Up Baby

*The Vintage Cameo | Carmen Miranda

*Thrilling Days of Yesteryear | Thelma Todd

*Classic Movie Hub | Kathleen Howard

*I Humbly Suggest… | Irene Dunne

*She Blogged by Night | Margaret Dumont in Duck Soup

*Portraits by Jenni | Claudette Colbert in The Palm Beach Story

*Spoilers | Jean Arthur in The Public Menace

*Stardust | Una Merkel

*Close Ups and Long Shots | Jean Harlow

*Shadows and Satin | Isabel Jewell

*Love Those Classic Movies!!! | Billie Burke

*Film Flare | Barbara Stanwyck

*i luv cinema | Mae West

*Destroy All Fanboys | Betty Hutton The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek

Naughty Librarian | Miriam Hopkins

Sittin’ on a Backyard Fence | Myrna Loy

*Movie Classics | Margaret Rutherford in Blithe Spirit

*Let’s Go to the Movies | Carole Lombard

The Nifty Fifties and Swinging Sixties

*Motion Picture Gems | Marjorie Main

*Silver Scenes | Joan Davis

*Frankly My Dear | Lucille Ball

*The Kitty Packard Pictorial | Shirley MacLaine

*Once Upon a Screen | Gracie Allen

*The Great Katharine Hepburn | When Comedy Was Queen: The Women of the 1950s Sitcom

*Blame Mame | Jane Russell in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

*Oh, Don’t Be Diriculous! | Doris Day

*Caftan Woman | Judy Holliday

*The Motion Pictures | Mary Tyler Moore

*Cindy Bruchman | Maureen O’Hara

*Cinemalacrum | Marilyn Monroe

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  2. This was a terrific Blog-a-thon! I loved reading all the posts on the participating blog sites. And of course, yours! Congratulations on the success and great contributions!

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